Updates & Announcements

Say hello to Weather Machine

An all new universal API adapter for the world’s best forecasts.

An update on Hello Weather (don't worry, everything is fine!)

A quick note about what we’ve been up to.

Widget Stack Attack

We revamped and expanded our iOS widgets for fantastically flickable forecasts on your home screen.

All New Source-ery

Fresh new data sources for our radar and global forecasts.

Get Your Widge On

Announcing the first batch of rad Hello Weather home screen widgets for iOS 14.

The Hello Weather Report, Summer 2020 Edition

A brief vibe report on what we’ve been up to lately: Android updates, iOS 14 plans, and more.

What the Dark Sky Acquisition means for Hello Weather

A little update on what will change for us (spoiler: not too much.)

New in Hello Weather: Air Quality, Pollen, Bonus Forecast Info, and more

Quick updates on lots of new stuff in our iOS app.

2019 Year in Review

A peek behind the scenes at the financials and details of our weather app biz.

A look inside the weather machine

How we manage 100k requests per day with multiple data providers in real time with autoscaling and fallbacks.

Introducing Hello Weather for the Apple Watch

After many complications, we clocked in, banded together, and took the time to make a badass watch app.

A transparent explanation of how we protect our users’ data and privacy

Over here at Hello Weather HQ, we strive to be a counterexample to the dishonest tactics that many software companies use to boost their metrics and revenue…

New: a vastly improved radar for Hello Weather

We’re not happy to have a half-baked version of anything, so we spent the summer of 2018 drinking mojitos and building a SUPER GOOD RADAR for you!

Always Be Nailing The Basics

Why we skipped adding new features for a while, and improved all the old ones instead.

Ooo wee! Hello Weather 3.0 is here

We made a brand new Hello Weather, for the love and fun of it. Here’s the backstory.

Strategies for building a dual-platform mobile app

Want your app to coexist on iOS and Android? Here are a few tips to speed up your process and make it happen.

Just keep chipping away at it

Why perfection and speed may not matter as much as you think.

How we made an iPhone app on the side (and a few tips to help you do it too)

There are lots of reasons to try something new, but for me it always boils down to curiosity, restlessness, and discontent with the status quo…